Financial Immunities empowers companies to overcome the myriad challenges posed by today’s economic reality.
The company was founded in 1994 by Dr. Adam Reuter.
Our decades of experience and hundreds of clients enable us to provide skilled consultants who become full partners in financial decision-making at the critical junctures that form an integral part of every company’s operations.



Decades of financial experience have combined with advanced technology to provide the ideal online solution for foreign exchange risk management. Now all the information you need is available in a clear, user-friendly format on both desktop and mobile, creating a genuine financial revolution.

Financial Immunities has stood by Tambour's side for more than a decade, assisting us with all our activities. Throughout this entire period we have always received professional service that attends to even the smallest details, with an in-depth understanding of our needs.
Micha Shrayer, Deputy CEO and CFO, Tambour

A global company like Wix needs the best of the best. Financial Immunities delivers exactly that.
Liron Raz, Director of Treasury, Wix

I expect professionalism, reliability, and a dynamic attitude from long-term partners. I found all this and more with Financial Immunities.
Nurit Benjamini, CFO, TabTale

Financial Immunities has worked with us for more than 20 years, and helps us manage the company's cash flow reserves in the most professional manner.
Itamar Ben-Meir, CFO, Moriah Jerusalem Development Company

Developing a risk management policy in a global company is an immensely important task, which we successfully implemented thanks to Financial Immunities' professional and dedicated services.
Dalia Zuckerman, CFO, Palram Industries

As a company active in the agricultural commodities market, we know to appreciate the professionals whose skills and passions lie in the foreign exchange market.
Gilles Gamon, CEO, Sugat

Financial Immunities has provided us with quality service for many years, thanks to their reliable and professional staff.
Tsafi Amar, Treasurer, Tambour

Financial Immunities helps us to link the hedging activity with the accounting presentation. This lets us know precisely how hedging activities are reflected in the company's financial reports.
Shlomo Mizrahi, Treasurer, ELTA Systems Ltd.

Managing the employees and retiree funds is a task that entails enormous responsibility. Financial Immunities has been an integral part of our decision-making process in the investments field for many years.
Guy Steinberg, Director of the Economics Division, Israel Ports

Without a systematic approach, it's really impossible to manage foreign exchange risks. We found this type of approach more than a decade ago at Financial Immunities.
Ran Israeli, CEO, Bermad

We've worked with Financial Immunities for more than six years, and this is the place to note our immense satisfaction in working with them for all this time, their professionalism, their quick and excellent service, and most of all their friendship.
Igal (Guli) Kohen, CEO, Elcam Medical

The ability of Financial Immunities to analyze and summarize all the important information was a key element in our ability to manage foreign exchange risks.
Gilad Mamlok, CFO, Given Imaging

What I love about Financial Immunities is that they don't speak from a biased position. They don't have any position, just a professional approach.
Zeev Binman, Partner, Pitango

At the height of 2012, we asked Financial Immunities to evaluate our company's activities and its exposure to changes in exchange rates, taking into account the industry in which it operates, and from there to develop a precise hedging strategy. The hedging policy was approved by the Board of Directors and has been successfully implemented since the beginning of 2013. Ever since, Financial Immunities has worked closely and professionally with our company in implementing this policy.
Toby Fishbein, Deputy CEO and CFO, Tadiran Group

The nature of our activities at Tahal requires us to closely monitor factors related to the economy, cash flow and, of course, accounting. Financial Immunities assisted us in analyzing and presenting these issues clearly.
Alon Pasternack, VP Finance, Tahal

Financial Immunities allows us to manage our foreign exchange risks in the optimal way. Their close guidance, along with the data provided by Immunitor, were vital to our decision-making process.
Shai Yaacovi, CFO, Prigat

There is no doubt that the ability to combine hedges, exposure and policy, alongside the convenience provided by Immunitor, greatly contributes to ongoing management and optimization of the work process.
Sharon Shahak, Treasurer, Perion Network

The readiness of Financial Immunities to work strenuously at such high standards allows us to completely revolutionize how we manage our foreign exchange risks.
Michael Kaganovich, Head of Finance, LivePerson

I've worked with Financial Immunities for many years. As a company publicly traded on NASDAQ, Financial Immunities' approach, alongside accounting support and information availability, assisted us in overcoming many challenges.
Josh Siegel, CFO, CyberArk

Financial Immunities carried out a number of economic projects over the years in a wide range of fields, always performing professionally and within challenging deadlines.
Assaf Nagar, CFO, BIG Shopping Centers

Thanks to the staff of the economic department, who constantly prove their professionalism through understanding the requirements and needs of the client, always with good will and complete availability. There's no doubt that we are dealing with professionals!
Liron Babian, CFO, Amnis

We have worked with Financial Immunities for many years in the business valuation field. We are very satisfied with them in terms of professionalism, customer service, and meeting deadlines.
Eitan Gurel, CFO, Advantech

I began working with Financial Immunities in 2012, and I have enjoyed their professional and efficient work in a variety of economic projects ever since. Recently I also added currency risk management to the list of services they provide to me. Highly recommended!
Ben Feldman, CFO, EndyMed

They are professional, precise, and work around the clock to meet tight deadlines.
Yael Katzir Levy, Controller, Altman

We have worked with Financial Immunities' economic department on various issues for many years. Working with them always means a high level of professionalism, combined with excellent service and communication. We will clearly be delighted to work with them on future projects.
Yossi Yaniv, CFO, EMET Computing

You guys really rock, and your insights, advice, counsel and direction were greatly appreciated.
John Tushar, President and General Manager, Surgical at Teleflex Medical

They were professional, diligent, timely in delivery and very capable. Just as important, they also acted as a key advisor in helping us identify issues and make strategic decisions, which I valued immensely.
Scott Hamilton, CFO, Sandvine Corporation
It was a pleasure working with you, and I hope to work with you again in the future. Be sure that I will recommend you to anyone who needs the type of services you provide.
Danny Farin, CEO, Eon Surgical

The guidance of Financial Immunities allowed us to properly manage our company's foreign exchange exposure.
Gino Piperno-Beer, Treasurer, Israel Aircraft Industries
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