Financial Consultancy

Every company is frequently faced with the need to choose between various alternatives. Our arsenal of professional tools, together with the impressive expertise we have acquired over the years, enables us to greatly assist companies when acquiring an existing activity or establishing a new one, adding potential investors, handling disputes between shareholders, examining financing alternatives, and improving bank fees.

Business Plan

A quality business plan is a key element in a successful company, and is used as an essential tool in its ongoing development. The plan includes in-depth analysis of the business environment, evaluating business potential, and constructing financial models which assist in decision- making, as well as obtaining credit and raising funds from investors.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Professional assistance, based on expertise garnered from hundreds of transactions, such as: feasibility studies, setting fair prices and merger ratios, establishing and customizing the compensation mechanism in the transaction, identifying potential synergies, implementing fairness opinions, and purchase price allocation (PPA) for tangible and intangible assets.

Examining Financing Alternatives

External funding is part of many companies' business activity. The structure of the credit portfolio has many implications for the company's ability to lower financing costs, optimally manage its cash flow, adhere to financial covenants, and avoid financial exposure. Our multidisciplinary knowledge at Financial Immunities allows us to handle all these tasks for you in the best possible way.

Examining Bank Fees

The multiplicity of bank fees complicates the tracking of actual service costs and frequently results in businesses being overcharged. Our unique information-sharing system allows for complete mapping of fee rates compared to the optimal rates accepted in the market. The result, of course, is immense savings in time and money.

Expert Opinions

Preparing detailed expert opinions and full support throughout every stage of the legal process, including meetings with lawyers, preparing counter opinions , and assisting in the preparation of lawyers for cross-examination and court appearances.


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