Risk Management System Report Management System

The Managing Staff

v     Dr. Adam Reuter, CEO

       Formerly, the chief dealer of the Bank of Israel at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE); chairman of the investment committee of the study funds of the employees of the Bank of Israel; chairman of the investment committee of the Edmund de Rothschild Bank in Israel ; deputy chairman of the investment committee of Menorah Insurance; external director for various banks' provident funds and mutual funds. Founder of the first Israeli hedge fund, "Livlov Hasigalon". Holds an MBA and a PhD in business administration with a concentration on financing, and an undergraduate degree in economics. Licensed by the Israel Securities Authority to manage investment portfolios. Author of "The Bonds Book" and "Financial Risks Management" - both used as textbooks in their respective fields.


v     Renan Mitelpunkt, Deputy CEO

       Has served as financial advisor to numerous companies, since 1996. Formerly, a dealer at the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE); investment manager for a brokerage firm; instructor on debenture and foreign currency matters at Israel Union Bank's training courses for investment consultants and branch mangers.


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